PhotoVoice have partnered with the National Working Group network
for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People to run participatory photography projects across the UK. All projects have run in partnership
with specialist support providers who work directly with young people,
who have experienced sexual exploitation or who have been identified
to be at risk.


The young people have participated in a 3-month photography project exploring different themes that offer a context to sexual exploitation including gender, power and relationships. They have also developed their understanding of visual literacy, photography and story telling techniques.


The work created on the project represents their thoughts, responses and experiences through photography and text, and through creating their own digital stories. This process has enabled them to both make sense of their experiences and share their perspectives on the issues.




All the young people have had the opportunity to complete a SEPE (Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness) BTEC certificate
as part of each project.


This website is a resource for service providers and professionals to deliver services and workshops that are directly informed by the experiences and perspectives of young people themselves. The activities have been created in response to their work, ensuring that the input from the participants directly supports other young people across the UK to understand the
issues and context of sexual exploitation furthering their capacity to safeguard themselves.